What do we do?

Coupled with extensive working experience across Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, International Economics brings creative solutions though the use of economic models and qualitative tools to help governments and private companies draft and implement their strategic blueprints concerning trade and investment decisions.

We provide high quality, tailor-made services that adapt to the needs of our clients in order to ensure the impact desired.

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Trade Insights

Access our Trade Insight Dashboards and explore trade and investment data for more than 150 countries. Discover the most traded products of each country, where they are sent to, where do opportunities lie, and which industry has the most potential.

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About Us

International Economics

Established in 2013, International Economics is a specialised trade consultancy focused on delivering technical assistance to Governments and International Organisations. Building on more than 75 years of combined experience, International Economics also applies its vast public sector knowledge to help companies navigate the economics of international trade.

Discover here the company, and the team behind it.

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Our Work

Since being established, we have implemented more than 40 projects in 35 different countries. See how our work has helped our clients to reach their objectives.

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Our Publications

International Economics’ assignments have a strong research emphasis. Whenever possible, we make this research available to the public in order to encourage discussion across civil society and within Governments.

The majority of the papers and publications are written by our in-house staff and associates.

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