IEC’s expertise and professionalism on this assignment was notable and highly commendable.
Commonwealth Secretariat – Dec 2020
Purvi Kanzaria, Programme Officer, Commonwealth Secretariat.

We were extremely pleased with IEC’s professional approach, clarity of presentations and analytical work, value and insights provided.
Asian Developmemt Bank - Dec 2020
Begzod Djalilov, Senior Economics Officer, Asian Development Bank

IEC’s in-depth knowledge of trade and ability to identify market access opportunities has been extremely helpful.
Innowear - Nov 2020
Atish Purrahoo, Managing Director, Innowear

IEC showed initiative by developing pragmatic solutions and to the implementation of challenges as they arose.
Arise Plus Cambodia - Nov 2020
Christine Bowers, Head of Project, Arise Plus Cambodia

The IEC team gave us the right technical guidelines to add an analytical module to our package offering.
Naveo - Sept 2020
Vishant Unathras, General Manager – Projects and Operations, Naveo

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