International Economics’ work is underpinned by the latest trade and investment data. Identifying trends, patterns and bottlenecks is the core of the company’s day to day operations. In this context, International Economics has developed the Trade Insights Dashboards, which aim to share and distribute the company’s data work with the general public, making it accessible to all operators from the civil society and public and private sectors.

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Investment Performance dashboards

Our Investment Performance dashboards provide an overview of country business environments with reliable data and advanced modelling techniques. We provide access to data from more than 200 countries, enabling the users to compare jurisdictions, and discover patterns and investment opportunities.

Solution Benefit

The Investment Performance dashboards assist users in their decision-making process by showcasing selected business indicators, coupled with development and country performance data.

Trade Performance dashboards

Get access to trade data for more than 200 countries, upgrade your supply chain, discover patterns and trading opportunities through our Trade Performance dashboards. Our dashboards allow users to explore the evolution of more than 50 different sectors worldwide.

Solution Benefit

The Trade Performance dashboards allow users to explore country-specific trade data, enabling them to analyse trade performance, logistics, as well as bilateral imports and exports, providing the users with a deeper understanding of their key markets.

Trade Insights Investment Explainer video

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Trade Insights Performance video

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Learn more about Trade After Brexit Dashboards

Our Trade After Brexit Dashboards on the UK’s trading arrangements since Brexit, analyse the number of agreements, trade flows, and tariff preferences under each agreement. The dashboards offer interactive summary analytics on the trade captured by trade agreements, with a deep-dive analysis on sector and product-level market access.

Trade agreement

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Trade flows

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Tariff comparison

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Tariff on UK exports

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Tariff applied by UK

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Explore our interactive COVID-19 Dashboards

A dedicated platform created by International Economics to share knowledge on the economic impact of the coronavirus on international trade. We have dedicated this page to inform governments, policymakers, and companies on possible responses to the new trading environments, offering policy tools that can be used to support economies and livelihoods.

COVID-19 Cases

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Africa’s COVID-19 Market Exposure

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COVID-19 – Asia Market Exposure

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Timeline of Announcements of Government Measures

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