Welcome To International Economics

International Economics Consulting Ltd. was established in Mauritius in April 2013. The company is an independent management consultancy firm, with offices in Vietnam, London and Mauritius, specialised in providing strategic advisory services in the field of trade, investment and public policy, grounded in research underpinned by the latest techniques in quantitative analysis and economic modelling, as well as legal, regulatory and policy assessments.

The firm has worked with a number of donors, including ITC, the EU, and DFID, and has provided advisory services to Governments and Regional Secretariats. Coupled with an extensive working experience across Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, International Economics builds on creative solutions by using economic models and tools to help governments and private companies formulate strategic decisions concerning trade and investment.

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to promote analytical thinking through strategic advisory services underpinned by innovative research tools and quantitative analysis. We endeavour to create value and promote sustainable development and growth.

We uphold the following core values:

  • Strive for excellence in the quality of the advice provided
  • Make use of the most reliable and up-to-date intelligence combined with state of the art analytical tools, while balancing the client’s costs with their benefits
  • Always ensure independence and objectivity of judgment
  • Commit to mobilise ourselves to mobilising the best technical expertise to implement projects
  • Understand local cultural and socio-economic realities and put the client’s needs first
  • Advise on policies which will promote sustainable outcomes without impairing the well-being and welfare of others.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide world-class advisory services with the aim of enabling governments and corporations to take better strategic decisions. This vision guides us in our strive to reach our business goals and achieve our company’s mission.

  • Challenge conventional thinking: Bringing forth novel solutions to global economic problems and issues
  • Promote sustainable policies: Improving economic policies to help create sustainable, fair trade relations
  • Create lasting partnerships: Building a global network of customers and suppliers to foster knowledge and create value
  • Ensure financial sustainability: Maximizing the long-term financial sustainability of the company
  • Transfer knowledge: Training and disseminating knowledge to a new generation of economists and policy makers
  • Foster strong work ethics: Providing the best services to our clients, functioning as a highly effective and responsive organisation.
  • Trade Policy & Negotiations
  • Growth Analytics
  • Public Policy & Diplomacy
  • Market Access & Export Strategy

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Paul Baker
Paul BakerChief Executive Officer
Paul is International Economics’ Founder and CEO. Paul oversees the company’s research team and the consultancy work.
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Ana Caroline Aguiar
Ana Caroline AguiarDirector of Operations
Ana is responsible for planning and managing the operations of the company, as well as evaluating the overall company’s performance.
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Neetish Hurry
Neetish HurryDirector of Analytics & Cognitive Computing
Neetish leads the analytics team responsible for the development of analytical and statistical tools to further strengthen the work executed by our team of economists.
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Sarah Page
Sarah PageDirector of Communications
Sarah is responsible for the company’s marketing promotion activities and overall external communications and social media.
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