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Fostering Competitiveness

International Economics Ltd advises clients on how
to gain competitive advantage in global markets by
linking investment and trade to management strategies.

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Seeking Sustainable Solutions

We leverage the latest developments in economic
and quantitative analysis to seek out sustainable
development solutions for steady state and equitable growth.

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Strong in-house expertise leading our advisory services
on multilateral and regional trade agreements,
across a spectrum of regions and negotiation areas.

Strategic Intelligence on Trade

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Modelling Economic Outcomes

We employ sophisticated econometric and economic tools
to identify opportunities and interests for the private sector in
on-going negotiated trade agreements, as well as modelling
the likely dynamic competitive effects of an agreement.

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Building creative solutions

By using economic models and tools to help governments and private companies formulate strategic decisions about trade and investment.

International expertise

Experience working across five continents, from small island developing states and large emerging economies to small, vulnerable economies.

Competence in trade & investment

Experienced in both advising negotiation teams preparing for trade & investment agreements and in analysing the economic impacts of negotiated outcomes.

Experienced international team

A multilingual, multicultural and multi-disciplinary team from legal, economic and business backgrounds, with a network of partners spanning the globe.