RMCE: Story of Catherine Video

The EU-ACP TradeCom II Programme recently funded a project implemented by Landell Mills,  supporting the Accelerated Programme for Economic Integration in Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles and Zambia. Together with the Regional Multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence (RMCE), the programme supported these five countries to integrate into the regional and global economy.

Following the successful completion of the project, we are delighted to share the final video “The Story of Catherine”, which also features our CEO, Paul Baker, the project’s Business Facilitation Expert  and Andras Lakatos, our associate and the project’s Team Leader. The video follows Catherine, a student from Lusaka, studying architecture and urbanisation, in Mauritius. She speaks to the RMCE and our CEO, discussing economic issues, relating to trade and investment.



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