Survey on Barriers to Services Trade and Investment – Mauritius

The Services Trade Restrictions Index (STRI) included in the Services Trade Policy Database (STPD) jointly developed by the World Bank (WB) and World Trade Organisation (WTO) contains comparable information on trade in services for almost 77 economies around the world. The WTO and the WB have developed a series of surveys to gather information on policies and regulations across selected services sectors, including Financial; Transportation; Professional services; Distribution; Computer services; Construction services; Health services; Tourism; and General. In this context, a survey on the barriers to services trade and investment in Mauritius was undertaken. The survey results provided insights into the conditions under which foreign firms or people can enter the market in these sectors, and also whether it is permitted for services to be purchased from a service provider located abroad.

Project Areas

International Business Strategy

E-Commerce and Digital Trade

Policy and Negotiations

Risk Management

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

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