Study of Mauritian Manufacturing Sector

The Project at A Glance

The manufacturing industry is an important pillar of the Mauritian economy. Over the past few decades, it has allowed Mauritius to transform from a mono-crop economy, reliant on the export of sugarcane to a highly diversified economy. 

International Economics Consulting has been engaged by the Commonwealth Secretariat to assess and evaluate the current state of Mauritius’ manufacturing sector and the level of maturity and capabilities of Mauritian manufacturing enterprises to adopt high-end “Manufacturing 4.0” technologies and processes. 

What We Found

In 2021, manufacturing contributed to approximately 13.3% of the country’s GDP. However, the manufacturing industry in Mauritius faces certain challenges and has known a slump in recent years, which highlights the urgency for Mauritius to prioritise the manufacture of high-value products and the need to adopt smart and innovative production processes and techniques. 

Industry 4.0 is considered a game changer for the manufacturing industry. It holds the potential for transforming manufacturing processes through the integration of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, edge computing, cybersecurity, and digital twins, among others.  Industry 4.0 can be applied to diverse industrial and manufacturing sectors and across a wide range of manufacturing processes. 

Our Team is currently conducting an assessment study to evaluate the current state of Mauritius’ manufacturing sector. The study will provide an effective foundation for a future capacity building program to advise and upskill Mauritian manufacturers to adopt Manufacturing 4.0 technologies and processes. 

Our Strategy and Impact

The development of Industry 4.0 is aligned with the Mauritian Government’s Vision 2030. Considering Mauritius’s well-developed manufacturing sector and its advanced digital connectivity at the regional level, it makes for a promising testing ground for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing within Africa and the Commonwealth SIDS.  

Our Team will conduct an evaluation of Mauritius’s manufacturing sector, understand the level of maturity and readiness of local firms to integrate Industry 4.0 technologies in their operations and processes and produce a study, which will make policy recommendations to improve the country’s readiness with respect to the capabilities, skills, and reforms required to promote digitalisation and improved connectivity.  

In order to gain a comprehensive overview of the sector, the Team will conduct consultations and undertake surveys with a wide range of stakeholders in Mauritius and use the outputs of the study to provide an effective foundation for a future capacity building program to advise and upskill Mauritian manufacturers to adopt Manufacturing 4.0 technologies and processes. 

Our Core Solutions

As businesses seek to expand operations into new markets, the need to explore global supply chains and understand the international regulatory framework becomes crucial. At International Economics Consulting, we build tailor-made strategies for both import and export-oriented business solutions. 

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