Strategy for development of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors in Mauritius

Positioning Mauritius as a Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Hub

The Government of Mauritius envisions creating the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as a national pillar to boost export revenues and create jobs. International Economics, in consortium with Landell Mills International Ltd., is conducting a comprehensive feasibility study to devise a strategy for the development of these two sectors in Mauritius.

What We Found

The aim of this project is to assist in the establishment and focused strategic planning for Mauritius’ pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. To achieve this, the team will advise, coordinate, and support market analysis, legislative review, skills gap analysis and the development and implementation of a strategy and action plan.

Our Strategy and Impact

In particular, the team will conduct a market assessment of the regional and global biopharmaceutical system to establish a list of priority products with regards to Mauritius’ competitive edge and value proposition. The team will analyse the regional market’s potential, the legal and regulatory framework in Mauritius and the availability of skills in the local market to develop strategic options on products to be developed and identify potential target investors for each option. The output of the project will be an Implementation Roadmap which will establish a governance framework for implementation in addition to providing a detailed action plan, timelines and key performance indicators.

Our Core Solutions

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International Business Strategy

E-Commerce and Digital Trade

Policy and Negotiations

Risk Management

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