Investment Promotion in Burundi

The Project at A Glance

Investment promotion is part of Burundi’s development strategy to stimulate economic growth. However, there are obstacles to the implementation of laws and regulations, economic or industrial strategies that could further facilitate the business climate.

International Economics, through Africa RISE programme, is leading this capacity building support to the Burundi Development Agency (ADB), which aims to foster private sector development and advance the implementation of reforms to improve the business climate in Burundi.

The team undertook a diagnostic analysis of the business climate in Burundi and proposed strategic changes, which will have to be put in place. The methodology consisted of a participatory approach with a series of interviews and workshops to encourage all relevant stakeholders to discuss business climate issues and to propose practical and feasible recommendations.

Our Strategy and Impact

Improving Burundi’s overall business climate requires a broad-based reform program with multi-pronged interventions (governance, infrastructure, public management and administration, policy alignment and coherence, capacity building). Given the country’s human and financial constraints and the situation of state institutions, Burundi should adopt a process of prioritizing reforms by developing practical, achievable, and measurable strategies in the short and medium term. The adoption of strategies with quick wins should be among the favored options.

Our Core Solutions

Investment promotion and facilitation require continuous and coherent efforts from the government, coordinated at the national level and assistance from relevant stakeholders. At International Economics, we build tailor-made strategies for both import and export-oriented business solutions. We can help investors and policy makers in the design of policies and strategies to promote investment, and in identifying investment opportunities.

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