Impact Evaluation Methodology Design for Advance Rulings Project in Madagascar

The Project at A Glance

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (the Alliance) carried out a project aiming to implement the use of advance rulings in Madagascar. International Economics assisted the Alliance to undertake a rigorous and independent impact evaluation of the project with the dual aims of accountability and learning

What We Found

The aim of this project was to conduct an evaluability assessment, with the goal of identifying the counterfactuals as well as the most suitable impact evaluation methodology, considering the context and nature of the intervention. International Economics was involved in the design phase of the methodology.

Our Strategy and Impact

In particular, the team explored different methodologies including difference-in-difference approach, propensity score matching and regression discontinuity design to undertake the evaluation. An evaluability assessment was conducted and evaluation questions were specified before drafting the final impact evaluation methodology.
The evaluation provided Alliance decision makers and stakeholders with robust information on the impacts of the Madagascar project. The results and lessons learned contributed to organizational learning, fed into the design and implementation of future Alliance projects and helped build the evidence base on trade facilitation interventions.

Our Core Solutions

Governments, international donors, and the private sector face many important questions on the expected outputs and impact before, during and after the implementation of their projects. This is where International Economics Consulting’s team of experts, using innovative methodologies to collect and analyse data, can assist you in tracking the economic, social, and environmental aspects of your project.

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