Final Evaluation of the EU-Sri Lanka Trade Related Assistance Project

The Project at A Glance

The EU-Sri Lanka Trade Related Assistance Project (TRAP), funded by the European Union with technical assistance from the International Trade Centre, was a 4-year project worth EUR 8 million. TRAP aimed at increasing the trade competitiveness of SMEs in regional markets as well as in the EU.
International Economics, in consortium with DT Global, conducted an evaluation of the project to provide an independent assessment of past performance and to provide recommendations on possible orientation of future actions.

What We Found

The aim of the evaluation was to provide an assessment of past performance of the EU-Sri Lanka Trade Related Assistance Project, with particular emphasis on the results of the project measured against its expected objectives and the reasons underpinning the results. The evaluation also aimed at assessing the value of further funding and at providing recommendations for further interventions.

Our Strategy and Impact

The team used a combination of evaluation methodologies and tools including document review, desk research, evaluation questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, site visits and data and information analysis among others to conduct the evaluation and to translate past project experience into relevant knowledge that would support future decision-making, improve performance and promote achievement of better results.

Our Core Solutions

Governments, international donors, and the private sector face many important questions on the expected outputs and impact before, during and after the implementation of their projects. This is where International Economics Consulting’s team of experts, using innovative methodologies to collect and analyse data, can assist you in tracking the economic, social, and environmental aspects of your project.

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