Baseline Study of the Stepping Stone Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA)

The Project at A Glance

Ghana’s iEPA with the European Union, a development trade agreement which secures free access to Europe for goods originating in Ghana, entered into force in December 2016. Implementation of such a trade agreement helps to sustain Ghana’s economic growth through trade, investment, and employment but puts significant strain on the capacities of many countries, especially in terms of mobilising the needed institutional capacities and pursuing the necessary institutional reforms for the successful implementation of the iEPA.
International Economics, in consortium with GOPA Worldwide Consultants, is assisting the Ministry of Trade and Industry in conducting a baseline study to monitor the performance of the iEPA. Baseline studies are an important part of the Monitoring and Evaluation process and involve the measurement of indicators before a project begins, from which change and progress are assessed.

What We Found

The aim of this project is to provide a baseline report which will assist in evaluating, monitoring and planning future actions for the EU-Ghana iEPA implementation process. To achieve this, the team will define a list of baseline indicators, collect the data to prepare the indicators, and present the results in a final report.

Our Strategy and Impact

In particular, the team defined a set of baseline indicators covering the following areas: compliance, economy, social, environment and sustainability and trade governance. A methodology was elaborated for the collection of the indicators and the presentation of the results. A final report which looks at pre-iEPA trends is currently being prepared. The report will be used for assessing the performance outcomes and impacts of the iEPA.

Our Core Solutions

Governments, international donors, and the private sector face many important questions on the expected outputs and impact before, during and after the implementation of their projects. This is where International Economics Consulting’s team of experts, using innovative methodologies to collect and analyse data, can assist you in tracking the economic, social, and environmental aspects of your project.

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