Analysing the Trade Impact of the US TIFAs in Africa

The Project at A Glance

Trade between the US and Africa has remained relatively stable, although with some hiccups. Currently, the US has not signed any FTA with a Sub-Saharan African country. However, there are various Trade and Investment Framework Agreements (TIFAs) are in place, both with individual countries as well as a number of regional blocs.
International Economics is undertaking a research to support the Department for International Trade (DIT) to obtain a better understanding of the experience of the US in implementing TIFAs with Africa and the impact that these have had, if any, in bilateral trade and investment performance.

What We Found

TIFAs are an agreement between the US and another country or group of countries to consult on issues of mutual economic interest in order to promote trade and investment. TIFAs’ function is to provide strategic frameworks and principles for dialogue on trade and investment issues between the United States and the other contracting parties to the TIFA. Our Team analysed the content and impact of the TIFAs. signed by the United States with African countries in order to identify longer-term impact of the TIFA on exporters and investors operating in Africa

Our Strategy and Impact

The TIFAs present both African partners and the US opportunities to strengthen bilateral ties by enhancing trade and investment. Our research showed that TIFAs have been very successful for the United States to initiate and maintain dialogue with many countries, although they had less influence and impact in Sub-Saharan Africa.The US uses the TIFAs with African countries to encourage new trade and investment by implementing country and region-specific strategies that promote trade and investment. Our Team also suggested a series of lessons learnt emerging from the analysis of the TIFAs that can be instrumental for the UK.

Our Core Solutions

Governments, international donors, and the private sector face many important questions on the expected outputs and impact before, during and after the implementation of their projects. This is where International Economics Consulting’s team of experts, using innovative methodologies to collect and analyse data, can assist you in tracking the economic, social, and environmental aspects of your project.

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