Project – Study on the impact of the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA) on the ESA signatory countries and the setting up of an EPA fund

SEPT 2015 – MAR 2016

International Economics is working with Agriconsulting Europe S.A. to conduct the first study to be initiated under the framework of the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA) in the ESA sub-region. The study, funded by the European Commission aims to contribute to the economic development and regional integration of the four beneficiary countries (Mauritius, Seychelles, Zimbabwe and Madagascar) through improved trade relationships between them and the EU. It involves four main activities: (1) a comprehensive impact assessment of the iEPA Agreement on trade with the EU; (2) an assessment of the adjustment costs and development needs arising for the four states from implementing the iEPA; (3) the development of strategies and action plans to implement the iEPA Agreement; and (4) a proposal of the modalities for the establishment of an EPA fund to support the countries in implementing the agreement.

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