Protection of the Environment to shape Mauritius’ future in a COVID-19 landscape

This paper looks at the different factors to help address the challenges that lie ahead for Mauritius amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Author: Jaime de Melo. Theme: COVID-19. Date: October 26, 2020

A Dashboard for Trade Policy Diagnostics

This paper organises trade policy measures into those that address the ‘negative’ (e.g. tariffs) and the ‘positive’ (e.g. institutions like fair-trade).

Author: Jaime de Melo. Theme: Trade in Goods, Trade in Services. Date: September 1, 2020

Re-booting Tourist Paradises: Challenges Ahead

Tourist islands are at high risk with the advent of the coronavirus. This paper studies the challenges that tourist islands are facing with the pandemic.

Author: Boopen Seetanah, Jaime de Melo, Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur. Theme: COVID-19. Date: July 5, 2020

ACCTS Negotiations: An Opportunity for Collective Action

With the effects of climate change perturbing most the sustainability of the development paths of trade-dependent economies, keeping (some would say restoring) an open world trading system is increasingly urgent.

Author: Jaime de Melo. Theme: Negotiations. Date: April 10, 2020