FTA Potential Study and Analysis Handbook for Cambodia – Training Workshop

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International Economics (IEC), through ARISE+ Cambodia programme, is conducting an FTA potential study and drafting a handbook on analytical preparations for trade negotiations. As part of this assignment, IEC is providing a training workshop on Trade Analysis to the Government of Cambodia. The overall objective of this training is to support the Government of Cambodia to improve its capacity in trade analysis to form the basis for evidence-based trade policy planning, as well as to ensure that the project outputs can be replicated and updated in the future.

The presentations, prepared by Paul Baker, David Vanzetti and Penghuy Ngov, provide an introduction to the major content of the Trade Analysis Handbook, which covers different tools of trade data and analyses to support government officials in the preparation for trade negotiations and monitoring trade performances under negotiated agreements.

The PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded from the following links:

Training Workshop: Day 1

Training Workshop: Day 2

Training Workshop: Day 3