The emergence of the internet has changed how people, companies and even countries communicate, trade, relate, search for and manage information, deal with payments, and manage data. The internet has also become a bridge between enterprises in small, isolated countries and large audiences across the World, allowing the first to sell their products and services to customers on the other side of the World. The benefits of internet are not only limited to external trade but are also prominent for spurring domestic markets. This is critical considering that for most sectors, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are unable to penetrate international markets immediately, and the domestic markets serve as a stepping stone.

International Economics, through its CEO, Paul Baker, and its Manager of Trade Advisory Services, Pablo Quiles, analysed the status of E-Commerce in Seychelles, analysing areas such as the digital connectivity, private sector development and policy and regulatory environment, to determine whether the country’s environment enables the private sector to thrive in the digital environment.