The Trade and Investment Advocacy Fund (TAF2+) provides long-term support, on-demand technical assistance to build the capacity of the ACP developing countries participating in trade and investment negotiations, with a focus on priority issues including agriculture, special and differential treatment (S&D), fisheries subsidies, services and e-commerce, and WTO reform.

International Economics is working closely and collaboratively with the ACP Group Secretariat, the group coordinator and ACP Group member delegations at the WTO to provide technical, analytical, legal and logistics support in preparation for the future negotiations. This includes technical studies and briefing notes on various WTO issues with regard to ACP countries and their social, economic and commercial development, as well as the development of a database/document distribution facility of current and previous negotiating proposals and position papers at the WTO, accessible to all ACP members. High level training for the ACP delegations and technical training for the ACP Group coordinator on thematic areas of the group’s interest, as well as logistical support for the participation of ACP Geneva delegations at relevant meetings are also provided.