International Economics was part of the joint consortium to conduct a Joint Evaluation of the TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) programme. The project involved assessing how the TMEA programme has succeeded in achieving its intervention Output, trade outcome and poverty impact objectives. The core objectives of the evaluation was to:

(1) assess all causal links and the robustness of underlying assumptions (including links between trade, growth and poverty reduction);

(2) analyse and, to the extent possible, measure: the regional integration programmes’ impact on regional trade, growth and poverty (and on the various stakeholders, in particular on men and women separately, poor and vulnerable groups, as well as traders and consumers); and sustainability;

(3) assess the effectiveness of the TMEA programme, including organisational effectiveness, and whether the programme represented Value For Money;

(4) identify lessons learnt relevant beyond TMEA, i.e. insights on enabling and constraining factors, critical actions and gaps which would be generalizable to future programmes or to other contexts.

Specifically, International Economics CEO was the workstream leader of the team to undertake a trade and growth impact study.