International Economics (IEC) is providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Trade in building a robust and comprehensive methodology (and training) to analyze the socio-economic impact of trade remedies as part of the safeguard, anti-dumping, and countervailing investigations process.

IEC will develop a trade remedy impact assessment methodology that can be used in an ex-post and ex-ante setting for Indonesian. This work will be delivered by developing an assessment methodology and testing it in a scenario of ongoing anti-dumping, countervailing, and safeguard cases and for assessing the impact of trade remedies in a set period in the past. The assessment methodology will incorporate a gender component which will determine the effects on women’s employment and income. Centre for Foreign Trade Policy (TREDA), Anti-Dumping Committee (KADI), and Safeguard Committee (KPPI) officials will be trained in collecting the data and conducting the analysis.