International Economics Consulting (IEC) is working together with IMC Worldwide to conduct the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)-funded study, “Impact Assessment and Roadmap for ASEAN Regional Digital Trade Transformation”. This project will explore the feasibility and potential impact of a possible ASEAN Regional Digital Trade Connectivity via the creation of a private sector-led National Digital Trade Platform in each of the ASEAN Member States (AMS) and a system to connect them together at an ASEAN level. Its ultimate goal is to standardise the digital exchange of all private sector generated documents for the AMS and facilitate trade flows among the AMS as well as between the AMS and their key trading partners. IEC will lead the stakeholder engagement activities, engaging with the Thai Bankers Association and ASEAN Business Advisory Council in particular, as well as their advisers to assess current plans and proposals for integration and preparedness for cross-border collaboration. Finally, IEC will work with key stakeholders to assess national preparedness conducting interviews to inform answers to the key objectives of the project.