“Compete Ghana” is an EU-funded programme aiming to strengthen the institutional capacity and human resources, improve economic governance and the local business environment, and maximise the benefits of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) for Ghana.

International Economics is providing technical assistance alongside Consortium Partner, GOPA Consulting, in the creation and implementation of the country’s Awareness and Sensitisation Plan, Monitoring and Compliance Plan, and Institutional Strengthening and Human Resource Capacity Building Programme to ensure that the implementation of the EPA is effectively managed.

International Economics will also support Ghana in identifing priority programmes, best practices, new markets, priority sectors and subsectors for the expansion of production and supply base of Non-Traditional Exports. A gap analysis of the current fiscal situation will be conducted to determine the fiscal requirements and measures needed to meet the commitments to undertake the necessary fiscal reforms. The assignment also includes a component on the establishment of a public-private dialogue (PPD) support mechanism for awareness, sensitisation and institutional capacity building of private and public-sector stakeholders.