What is the dashboard about?

These dashboards show the measures taken by the different African Governments to handle the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in the form of timelines. The first dashboard gives a comparative image of the measures taken by African countries in response to the COVID-19 crisis, whereas the second dashboard shows the alignment of the Government measures against the epidemic path of the number of active cases. This will eventually help to analyse the outcome of the decisions.

What does it reveal?

Both dashboards reveal the timing and approach taken by the different African Governments in order to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus crisis. Some Governments applied very strict initial measures, such as early complete lock-downs while others had a gradual or more lenient approach to locking down the activities of the country. Some of the countries that have managed to flatten the transmission curve are now taking measures to resume economic activity.

How to use the dashboard? 

The dashboard on the top has five different tabs, namely Africa (total Africa), Northern Africa, Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa and Western Africa, which can be clicked to view region-wise dashboards. On the first tab “Africa”, there is an option to the top right corner for choosing a country group from a drop-down menu for region-specific timelines. The types of measures are highlighted by different colours on the timeline. For viewing specific measures, the user can click on the highlight category option and choose the category they wish to view.

The dashboard on the bottom has a filter on the left to select the African country to analyse. On the top left of the graph panel, there is a play axis (X-axis) that allows the user to control the animation of the graph. The graph shows the different measures applied by the selected Government on a timeline, along with the date, as well as the number of active cases on the Y-axis. The chart can also be analysed without animation. The orange bubbles when clicked show the specific Government measures. The linear path indicates the trend of the number of active cases.

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