What is the dashboard about?

This word cloud provides a sentiment analysis of the tweets from the past month, around the subjects related to COVID-19 and trade in Africa. The aim is to get an overview of what is being shared on social media, specifically Twitter, and the key messages and sentiments expressed during this Coronavirus Crisis.

What does it reveal?

The word cloud reveals that markets or supplies mostly from Asia and Europe, are the subject of many tweets. Interesting to note is the increased messaging around new technologies such as blockchain and financial jargon, such as Bitcoin, Crypto, and FinTech. There is mention of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), but very few mentions in relation to the markets.

Some details about the data in the dashboard

The data in the word cloud is retrieved from Twitter. The tweets analysed are from the beginning of April. Only those related to Africa, trade, and COVID-19 are being used to produce the word cloud. The dashboard will be refreshed every month to see how the sentiment and messaging are evolving as we progress further with the COVID-19 crisis.

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