Early situation of African countries’ Market Exposure

Latest observed trend (updated weekly)

What is the infographic about?

This infographic explains the exposure of Africa’s top export markets to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The idea behind it is to provide a progressive Africa centric overview of the impact of the global pandemic, mainly to countries and businesses, to help them prepare for the short-term and long-term effects of the virus.

What does it reveal?

Each country is highlighted per the exposure level of its main markets for its most significant exports (over 50%) indicated through icons on the map. The analysis highlights that many countries in Africa are highly dependent on a single export commodity, such as Mineral fuels, oils, or precious stones. Among these countries, the ones that are focussed on only one or two regions currently suffering from the pandemic are highly exposed to risks. Even some countries with multiple sectors are highly exposed since their export markets are not diversified enough.

What are the strategic options? 

In response to the virus, some strategic options can include targeting alternative global markets that are relatively less affected by the pandemic and also shifting focus to regional economies (intra-Africa) that have complementary trade needs.

How did we classify exposure and risks?

For each country, the sectors making more than 50% of the country’s export basket are selected (the sectors are depicted by icons). For these top sectors, their top 3 markets have been analysed further with respect to the impact that such countries are facing from COVID-19. The density colours on the map show the level of each African country’s exposure to countries that face the pandemic, which has been calculated by analysing the pandemic curve in the top three export destinations for sector. Markets with a rising number of active cases are considered as highly exposed and those far off the peak and with a reduced number of cases are considered as lowly exposed and more likely to have an upturn in demand in the short term.

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