What is the infographic about?

This infographic shows live updates of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases evolution in African countries. Users can observe the trend of active, recovered and death cases, per country or as a whole. The map on the left shows the country-wise number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa, whereas the infographic on the right shows the progression over the previous seven days in the number of Active cases, Recovered cases and Deaths. The idea behind it is to provide an overall view on the extent of the spread of the virus in Africa, and provide the week’s view on progress.

What does it reveal?

To the left-hand side, on the map, each country is coloured according to the number of confirmed cases using a heatmap, with the countries highlighted in light being lesser impacted to the virus and the countries highlighted darker being greater impacted to the virus.

On the right-hand side, the seven-day progression of COVID-19 cases in Africa can be seen with the total number of active cases highlighted in orange, the total number of recovered cases highlighted in green and the total number of deaths shown in grey. The progression of the cases is mentioned according to their corresponding dates and highlighted from light to dark based on the number of cases. Next to each type of case is a linear path indicating the trend of cumulative cases over the seven days.

How to use this dashboard?

The dashboard reveals more information by hovering over the infographic. Hovering over each country on the map will show the name of the country along with the number of confirmed cases in the country. Clicking on a country reveals the statistics for that country. The infographic on the seven-day progression can be used as it is, whereas, the trend lines showing the cumulative number of cases can be hovered upon to see the number of cases as per date.

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