Analysing the impact of investment in trade corridors

Our team of economists and data scientists were in Kenya during the second half of May to carry out a series of meetings in the framework of an Evaluation of a Multi-Million Aid-for-Trade fund.

The objective of the meetings was to determine the impact that different trade facilitation interventions were having on Trade and Economic Growth in the East African Region.

The team members were engaged during ten days undertaking various brainstorming sessions, interviews and data gathering, in order to refine their study and analysis. Our team also conducted important meetings with key drivers such KenTrade, Maersk and the Northern Corridor Transport Observatory, to get their valuable data inputs and validate our findings.

Various techniques such as qualitative analysis, quantitative data analytics, Econometrics, CGE and Gravity Modelling were employed to determine the impacts.

The team were thrilled to be working on such a project, which has led to the development of a novel methodology, useful for determining and quantifing the different trade and transport costs across the whole supply chain. Such methodology will be instrumental for analysing and programming future trade facilitation projects.

Please find further information on this project here, which has been implemented by International Economics in partnership with Oxford Policy Management (OPM).

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