Assess market exposures across Africa’s top export markets. This dashboard provides an overview of the extent that export destinations could be vulnerable to shocks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to use this dashboard?

  • Each country is highlighted as per the exposure level of its main markets for its most significant exports (>50% of export basket).
  • The different sectors are indicated by relevant icons.
  • Density colours show level of exposure by analysing the pandemic curve in the top three export destinations for the sector.
  • Click on a country to show main exports.
  • A time series show how countries are evolving.

What does this dashboard tell us?

  • The idea behind this dashboard is to provide a progressive Africa centric overview of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, to countries and to businesses, so they can better prepare for the short-term and long-term effects. The infographic displays the different exposures by country.
  • The analysis highlights that many countries in Africa are highly dependent on a single export commodity, such as mineral fuels, oils, or precious stones. Among these countries, the ones that are focused on only one or two affected regions are those facing the highest risks. In certain cases, even if some countries have multiple sectors, they can be highly exposed since their export markets are not diversified enough.
  • In response to the pandemic and related shocks, as of 16 March 2021, we observed that the Northwest African region’s markets are highly exposed. Most of their markets are from the European region, where countries still have a high number of Covid-19 active cases. For example, Algeria’s main markets France, Italy, and Spain, are still highly exposed with 7.3 million active cases in total.
  • Another interesting observation is that the least exposed markets are in the East. One example is China who has only 517 active cases.

How can International Economics help you

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted export and import markets across the world. Trade has become difficult in these unprecedented situations. Businesses are finding it difficult to export, without putting them at risk. If your company is affected by this, we may be of help. Allow us to support your organisation by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing markets.
  • Devising Market Entry Strategies.
  • Building Resilience and Growth
  • Optimising the Supply Chain

Learn more about our services here.

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