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International Economics Ltd was conceived as a natural progression from 20 years of independent consultancy in market intelligence, policy advisory and negotiation support services in 60 countries worldwide.

Its founder, Paul Baker, has been working in the area of international development for two decades, on both long and short-term contracts. In the last 10 years, he has provided macroeconomic and trade advisory services to governments, secretariats and associations. Since founding this company, additional internationally-focused professionals specialising in the fields of economics, trade, financial services, international development, government relations and communications have joined the company to provide clients with the most inclusive set of services and expertise possible.

Core areas of expertise:

  • Economic analysis & modelling of trade and investment policies
  • Balance of payments and international macroeconomic advisory services
  • Economic research to formulate trade policies and address public policy concerns
  • Advising clients on trade negotiations and free trade agreements
  • Economic impact assessments
  • Export promotion advisory services
  • Advising on customs and trade facilitation matters